Bamboo Cottages is simple, tasteful, and comfortable.  Are we for everyone?  Afraid not.  So before booking with us, please read all of the information below, and email us if you have any questions.  Let's make sure we are a good match before you get into bed with us.


{Off the Grid.}  We are proud to say that we truly are “off the grid” and when there is sun, 100% of our electricity is provided by solar power. That's fans, refrigerator, water pump, computers, lights…everything!  We even make ice cream using solar energy.  We are committed to living in harmony with nature and we hope that you will feel that harmony when you stay with us. This commitment means though that when there is limited sun, there is limited electricity, and that we ask our guests be mindful of their electricity use.  

We only guarantee electricity in our rooms from 6pm-midnight.  That said, we expect to have electricity throughout most of the days and evenings from December – May.  November & June are usually sunny and we hope to provide electricity most of the time as well.  However, from July - October there can be rainy days.  When there is no sun all day (on average we get about 15-30 days like this during those months), there is possibly no electricity during the day.  Also our water is heated by a separate solar system, which means when there is limited sun, there is limited hot water. 

For more information about our guidelines for electricity use and possible limitations, please read Working With Solar at Bamboo Cottages. 


{We are remote.}  We are about 45km (or ~50 mins) from the airport and about 35 km (or ~30 mins) from the main town of Duong Dong.  There are three other small hotels with restaurants nearby, but not much else.  No ATMs, no stores, no nightlife (except for whatever jam session or movie night or happy hour we might have at the Bamboo Cottages Restaurant).   Please be aware that the road to us is quite muddy and “adventurous” during the rainy season and are especially challenging to traverse by motorbike.

{Unplugged}.  There are no TVs, air conditioners, or mini-fridges in our rooms.  In fact, we use very few machines in general.  Clothes washing is done by hand and dried by the sun, so some patience may be required if you give us laundry to service and explains why our towels aren't super thick. Even though we are "unplugged", we understand it's the 21st century, so there is WiFi in all the rooms and in the common area/restaurant.

{You live here in nature.}  We are in a tropical climate and none of our rooms or buildings is totally sealed off from the outside.  There is a likelihood you’ll be sharing your room with a gecko or two (but rest assured nobody has ever been injured by a gecko at Bamboo Cottages).   Be warned that our en-suite bathrooms are half open to the sky, so sometimes you meet a frog, and if it rains the floor is wet, etc.  You should also know that we have 3 dogs that freely roam the property, their names are Chuoi (Banana), Ki, and Den (Black).  We could keep our dogs on leashes, but that would feel wrong.  We could fumigate with pesticides, but we choose not to.  In recompense for the occasional insect annoyance, we find that mother nature offers, amongst countless other pleasures: thriving banyan trees, plants, flowers, sea breezes, orchids, “tắc kè” lizards, birds, blue moths, geckos, green beetles, fireflies, cicadas, and butterflies…