Beach "Boot Camp" (without the boots!)

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We know that Bamboo Cottages is synonymous with tranquility, relaxation and doing nothing...BUT a bit of early morning fitness also feels soooo good after long plane and motobike rides.  Because starting the day with a strong heartbeat is good for the soul as well as the body, we now boast the only beach workout on the Island. Daily at 8am on the beach, coach Sandrine will push, prod, and cheerlead you through a short but intense workout, you might hate her during the session, but you'll love how good you feel afterwards. :-)

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Sandrine says, ‘’The Beach Bootcamp brings our guests together, they motivate each other and push themselves which brings a fun atmosphere to the start of the day.  Exercises vary from running, burpees, push-ups, plank, tire flipping and much more. It’s quick and intense and everyone feels fantastic afterwards. A strong cardio work-out reduces high blood pressure and combats stress, and yes it can make you live longer and healthier.  Part of this is due to the release of endorphins which act as a mood elevator.  You don't need to be in good shape to do this, just a good attitude and willingness to have fun!’’ 

BTW, our dogs also usually attend. :-)

Coach Sandrine

Sandrine is a French national qualified in different fitness techniques and has been traveling around the world offering fitness classes and training sessions to many fitness enthusiasts for over 25 years.

Next session tomorrow morning at 08H00 at the water's edge!  Hope to see you there!

Lola Joins Our Family as Resident Yogi

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We are so happy announce that Lola Karpenka has joined the the Bamboo Cottages family to teach two daily group yoga classes, as well as offer private Wellness and Detox Packages tailored for individuals, couples and families.  Lola is a Bhakti Yogi, artist and holistic practitioner trained in Yoga & Meditation, Positive Psychology, Art Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Buddhism, Martial Arts and Japanese Calligraphy.  Lola teaches a morning Vinyasa class and an afternoon Yin restorative yoga class under the Banyan Tree for all levels of experience. In addition, Lola will be holding several immersive retreats, including detox, thyroid balance, and joyful mindfulness.  To learn more about the packages and retreats Lola offers at Bamboo Cottages, visit her website


Free Daily Yoga Classes Continue


Now that the rains are visiting us with less frequency we are now offering free yoga class again everyday on the beach to guests staying with us.  

Classes include gentle traditional Hatha Yoga, for strengthening and lengthening the body, as well as flowy energizing Vinyasa yoga with lots of power and activity, and therapeutic Yin-yoga with relaxing and balancing positions to calm the mind and soul.

One hour classes are offered free of charge for guests of Bamboo Cottages everyday.  Those not staying with us are also welcome to join for 100,000 VND per class.  Simply call to inform us you're coming in advance please.

Our teachers come from around the world on a rotating basis and are trained and certified, and are always eager to introduce yoga to beginners or to help deepen the practice of more seasoned yogis.

In yoga we learn to listen to our bodies, and ourselves. We invite you to join us on a yoga mat, under the banyan tree, with no judgement or expectations, where all that is needed is for you to simply be in the present moment.