Vietnamese Designer Blogs about Bamboo Cottages

Live in the Moment

A frequent guest of Bamboo Cottages over the years and well-known Vietnamese furniture designer, artist, and owner of Module 7 (the gorgeous "lifestyle" store in Hanoi), Pham Kieu Phúc, published an inspiring photo essay for her blog while staying with us recently over the Tet holidays.  Contemplating the consequences of being disconnected from nature, she writes: 

"I have the impression that we do all what we can to get away from what is really meaningful to ourselves, always busy doing as many projects as we can, being stressful about so many different things: deadlines, performance, efficiencies etc…, and living in an artificial environment lacking of beauty and harmony with Nature.  We assume that this is how things have to be, so that we sometimes don’t even know what we are missing. When our daily life is disconnected from Nature, we are also disconnected from the Abundance and Harmony that Nature always offers." 

After several days of long breakfasts by the beach and swims in the ocean, she finds her balance (and a little uplift from our breakfast menu), and concludes:

"Nature in every moment is the manifestation of supreme harmony, an inter-being of everything into a perfect circle of life. By living closely to Nature, our senses for harmony and beauty will be consistently nourished in the highest and purest way."

We couldn't agree with her more.  Enjoy Phuc's entire photo essay (in Vietnamese & English), "Creating the Extra in the Ordinary", here