Lola Joins Our Family as Resident Yogi

Lola Yoga.jpeg
Bamboo Guests Yoga.jpg

We are so happy announce that Lola Karpenka has joined the the Bamboo Cottages family to teach two daily group yoga classes, as well as offer private Wellness and Detox Packages tailored for individuals, couples and families.  Lola is a Bhakti Yogi, artist and holistic practitioner trained in Yoga & Meditation, Positive Psychology, Art Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Buddhism, Martial Arts and Japanese Calligraphy.  Lola teaches a morning Vinyasa class and an afternoon Yin restorative yoga class under the Banyan Tree for all levels of experience. In addition, Lola will be holding several immersive retreats, including detox, thyroid balance, and joyful mindfulness.  To learn more about the packages and retreats Lola offers at Bamboo Cottages, visit her website