Free Daily Yoga Classes

We are happy to report that the wonderful Nanna Bach has returned to Bamboo Cottages, and we are currently offering at least one free yoga class everyday to guests staying with us.  Nanna is from Denmark and speaks Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish and a little German.

She started doing yoga in her teens and says, "Yoga has given me a better connection to my body, soul and mind. Daily yoga practice makes me feel lighter, liberated, energized and relaxed at the same time. The healing powers of yoga have helped me through difficult times in my life and it has even cured me from diseases."  

She completed her 200hrs Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at the tantric “Awakening & Healing” School Samma Karuna in Thailand, Koh Phangan.  At Bamboo Cottages, she will offer gentle traditional Hatha Yoga, for strengthening and lengthening the body, as well as flowy energizing Vinyasa yoga with lots of power and activity, and a therapeutic Yin-yoga style with relaxing and balancing positions to calm the mind and soul.

One hour classes are offered free of charge for guests of Bamboo Cottages everyday.  Those not staying with us are also welcome to join for 100,000 VND per class.  Simply call to inform us you're coming in advance please.

In yoga we learn to listen to our bodies, and ourselves. We invite you to join us on a yoga mat, under the banyan tree, with no judgement or expectations, where all that is needed is for you to simply be in the present moment.