Bamboo Cottages Profiled on Rusty Compass

Take a moment to read the intrepid Mark Bowyer's piece on Bamboo Cottages in his excellent online magazine Rusty Compass, and learn a little about the changes that are taking place on the island of Phu Quoc. Thanks for stopping by to see us, Mark, and for your kind words and thoughtful reporting.

Vietnam’s first solar powered resort - a closer look

By Mark Bowyer
09 Dec 2015

Check out Vietnam's first solar powered resort - Bamboo Cottages on Phu Quoc Island.

Yesterday I posted a photo feature (see the homepage) expressing my delight after checking out Vietnam’s first solar powered resort, which is located on Phu Quoc Island. There was quite a bit of interest in the piece, so I thought I should post some more images of Bamboo Cottages on Vung Bau beach.

It’s a simple little place but being Vietnam’s first solar powered resort is a giant accomplishment. The Vietnamese American family that owns the 19 room resort can be very proud.

The renewable revolution is upon us, as solar panel and battery prices continue to fall. The economics of solar is becoming increasingly compelling. Let’s hope some of Vietnam’s other “eco” resorts follow suit and raise Vietnam’s eco tourism standards. Bamboo Cottages is not just the country’s first and only solar powered resort, it’s a delightful little low impact place to stay too. So if you like your resorts mellow and simple, with beautiful views, wonderful green grounds and friendly staff, check it out.

All is not well on Vung Bau beach though. A few hundred meters from Vietnam’s first solar powered resort, is the other face of Vietnam tourism - the port supporting the mega Vinpearl project that is engulfing the north western end of Phu Quoc. Vinpearl’s projects could never been described as low impact. And I couldn’t find any environmental information or undertakings on the resort description.

All the small operators I spoke to on Phu Quoc, are concerned about the direction the island is heading in. Officials seem to be more interested in casinos, golf courses and mega resorts than in protecting and cultivating a beautiful environmental asset. Casinos and golf courses attract tourists and big money. And they drive away other lucrative tourist markets too. I think Vietnam’s pressed the golf and gambling button enough for now. Might be time to put some thought into the billions of dollars spent by tourists with environmental and heritage interests - once natural strengths of destination Vietnam.

Congratulations Bamboo Cottages. May this be the start of something beautiful.