We have started home brewing our own Kombucha, the champagne of tea!! Kombucha is a delicious, lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black and/or green tea. It is produced by fermenting the tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or “SCOBY”, and has a similar health benefit to other probiotic foods, like yogurt and kefir. For more information about the health benefits of Kombucha, here is a good article: from Wellness Mama.

Kombucha has only recently become a trendy health beverage in the West, however, it has been enjoyed in Asia for thousands of years. As reported in the Association for Asian Research, “[a] cording to traditional Chinese medicine, kombucha tea was referred to as the Tea of Immortality and the elixir of life,” writes Ed Kasper, a California licensed acupuncturist, medicinal herbalist, and a master kombucha brewer. In fact, the term kombucha is derived from the Japanese word “kombu”, which refers to fermented kelp tea. Come join us for a glass! We are inventing new “flavors” all the time; our most popular right now: Passionfruit infused Chia Seed Kombucha on ice! Here’s to feeling happy, healthy, and energized!